Design my angel’s bedroom

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Welcome to the nursery, a unique mix of fun-filled fantasy and reality, with a variety of bedrooms theme and decorating ideas to help you create your one of a kind
baby girl/baby boy bedrooms.

The most obvious factors to take  into consideration regarding your child’s bedroom is that he or she is growing, exploring, curious, active, unique and evolving into his/her true potential.
How can you begin to create a space which can reflect all these needs?

Given that he or she spends a third of life in this space, it is vital that the bedroom reflects his or her personality and desire to grow and explore.
Green and blue décor has a relaxing effect, while shades of yellow can stimulate the mind (unless the yellow is particularly bright which can cause insomnia).

Try to keep the central sector of the bedroom floor free for your child to use as he/she pleases. Whether this is for games, projects or simply playing with siblings, it needs to be open.
Decorating is about being creative and trying something new. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you and your home. So get creative and turn your baby’s nursery into a work of art.

The first step to do is to choose the theme of decoration:

  • You can choose between the following: cats and dogs, circus clowns, Mickey Mouse, farm animals, flower garden, moon and stars, nautical boats, Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer, and so on!

Now, it’s the time to choose the color; be creative!

  • Remember that the color you choose is something your child will have to live with for a while.

  • Instead of purchasing pictures to hang on the walls, paint giant amoeba-like polka dots or an imperfect wavy line diagonally around the room. Be creative, and don't be afraid to experiment. An arched window can be transformed into a shining sun if orange triangles are painted around the edges to form rays. A door becomes a rocket ship if the interior is painted in bright stripes and a cone is painted above the doorjamb.

After deciding on the theme and the colors, next comes the bed, blinds and more:

  • The best bedding for a kid's room is a reversible comforter. Depending on his or her mood, your child can change his room's look as often as he/she wants. This type of creative control is what kids love!

  • Window treatments should be sturdy because kids like to open curtains and blinds to look outside. Whimsical accents make boring windows fun. Use stuffed animals, raffia, or fat ribbons for curtain tiebacks.
    Hang wind chimes, a piece of artwork, or any other fun accent from the center of the window or from a curtain rod. This lets your kids enjoy a cool piece of art (and works well if you prefer that the artwork not be seen from the outside of the house).

Offer him/her a special spot:

  • A reading area is an important feature in any bedroom.
  • A younger child needs a spot to sit and look at pictures, or be read a favorite story.
  • A beanbag in the corner with some easy-to-reach bookshelves and proper lighting will encourage an appreciation for self-education.
  • Mountains of pillows may be messy sometimes, but they can offer a comfortable and special spot for your little one to spend some quiet time.

Last but not least, choose the furnishings:

  • Look for sturdy furniture in natural wood or basic colors. A one-time investment in quality furniture will allow you better redecorating budgets for future projects.
  • Purchase lamps, pictures, linens, and accessories that spin off from your child's inspiration piece.
  •  For storage, use plastic bins or woven baskets that match the room's color scheme.
  • Solid containers are great for hiding toys that aren't being used. The bins can be inserted in neat rows on shelves, making them handy, useful, and decorative.

Check our photo gallery. You might find what you are searching for. If not, you will certainly get inspired!